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The company started its activity in 1990. with engineering, IT, business and publishing. Same and next year was accepted as an official member of many international organizations. She released the first erotic magazines in Bulgaria and organized the first erotic contest "Mister" EROS "in 1992. One of the areas of the company in the last 23 years building Erotic Shops" SEX SHOP "in the country. In this area it is the official representative and distributor some of the world's largest companies.

Trademarks of Scala, Shots media, ST Rubber, Mr.B, California exotic, Hot, Jorgensen Laboratories, Inverma, EroPharm, United Consortium Inc., MDScience Lab LLC, Cobeco Pharma, MSX, O product, ABS Holding and many other products present on the Bulgarian market through our stores .

Another direction in which the company operates is advertising. The company has produced television and radio shows, music videos and shows. "Flamingo Agency" Ltd. is a company with long years of experience in the trade of goods and services for adults.

In this site you will find information about the ability of our company and your benefits as our clients. As a constantly evolving dynamic and very modular company "Flamingo Agency" also deals with web design, of simple and complex sites a structured sites.

As a basic example of the team of the company, you can check the sites offered by friends or recommended. We offer professional challenges and prospects for development. Dynamic work in a young team. Excellent internal and external organization. Charge, depending on the result of the work of a single unit team.

"Flamingo Agency" Ltd. constantly looking for young people who are willing to work and develop in business and personal level. We are the largest chain of sex shops in the country. Sex Market Burgas - Sex Market Burgas. We created  first Balkan Sex Supermarket.

We also offer entertainment sites - Dating, Magazine, Gallery, Contests, Advice from sexology, Blogs, Forums, Top Charts and many others, on the list to place the first erotic Internet TV.


We created the largest Internet Sex Shop in Bulgaria (and the Balkans) Vibrator-bg.com sex shop

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Headquarters: 1303 Sofia Tsar Simeon 200

                      8000 Бургас, Konstantin Velichkov 29

Tel +359
887 616 239
     +359 895 709 544

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Skype: Flamingo.Bulgaria

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