Mister B and Scala Playhouse do it again

 Scala Playhouse and Mister B decided to join forces again. Mister B will be represented at the Scala in-house Fair  2-4 September in Almere. The products of Mister B proved to be a  good supplement to the already wide assortment of Scala.


After the Successful cooperation in March both companies decided that a winning concept does not need to be altered and therefore Mister B will be Represented at the trade fair of this business-to-business professional again. Both Scala Playhouse and Mister B acknowledge that they have a complimentary distribution program and that it is important to work in synergy.
Mister B will exhibit at the Scala Fair with a large booth in their showroom. Visitors of the Scala event will therefore be offered a complete and attractive package. Scala Playhouse offers a wide and complete range of erotic products. As a specialty distributor with a strong focus on gay and BDSM products, Mister B ads great value to this assortment. By exhibiting together at the Scala Playhouse premises in Almere, customers get the best of both worlds with the comfort of not having to travel between the two warehouses.
“Last March we not only did good business but the atmosphere between us and Scala was great as well, we are glad to be back” – says Wouter Geurtsen of Mister B.
The new Scala director Berry Koldewijn: “we are really looking forward to the Autumn Fair. We have an interesting and exciting collection of products, again with the complementation of  Mister B.”




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