Cascade flows to ABS Holdings

ABS Holdings is very pleased indeed to announce that they have garnered an exclusive UK distribution deal with Lovelife Products for the revolutionary Cascade Range of self-lubricating toys. “We were just over the walkway from these guys at The E.T.O. Show, and their products were attracting a lot of attention from the visitors. “ reports Glenn Wilde, “we believe that the LubePlay system really offers a new and exciting experience and that end user customers will be delighted with the new possibilities the cascade range has to offer.


In truth, the interchangeable sheathes which allow the toy to take on other forms, are a really good idea, adding great value to the actual toy. Couple this with the LubePlay system and the Cascade Range is gearing itself up for a well lubricated easing into many of our future best-seller lists. Another key feature is that the replacement lubricant cartridges and alternative sheathes are very reasonably priced, thus ensuring repeat business for the retailer. They are also fully rechargeable (with a very well designed magnetic charging system) via a USB port and come with nine powerful functions. Made from the highest quality silicone and very tastefully packaged, the Cascade Range has everything going for it and we are sure they will soon become essential items for all website, shop based retailers.”

Sam Watts, Sales and Marketing Director for Love Life Products Ltd , was also incredibly pleased with the new partnership: “The ETO show was our European launch and we had an amazing response from all visitors to our stand. We were incredible excited when we began discussions with ABS to handle our UK distribution, they have such a strong history of maximising the potential for brands and the association with the Simply Pleasures stores is also a huge draw. We expect an exciting future!”

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