The Screaming O Debuts O Man C-ring Line Designed by Men for Men




The Screaming O® is proud to introduce the O Man® cock ring line to adult retailers worldwide after months of anticipation. This is the company’s first official entry into the male market following an extensive research and development phase that refined each of the seven unique pieces.


Now available for distribution, the seven-piece O Man series is predicted to be one of the year’s best-selling, most popular new releases. The O Man line is comprised of seven designs, each featuring unique elements that create a distinct user experience.

The O Man Quickie is a disposable vibrating cock ring with stretchy reinforcement and a fitted “baller” attachment for a uniquely snug sensation. This disposable ring is ideal for spontaneous fun on the go and buzzes strong for more than 30 minutes.
The O Man Original is the ring that started it all, reimagined and repacked to match the entire O Man line. O Man Original features a stretchy vibrating cock ring with a snug baller attachment for intense testicle and taint stimulation and a long-lasting motor for reliable, reusable pleasure.
Each of the five new reusable O Man rings features a stretch-to-fit design with removable solid metal balls that allow the user to control how much tension he feels. And with long-lasting motors with 80+ minutes of vibration and removable bullets for multipurpose fun, the O Man line is the most versatile and user-friendly series of vibrating erection rings on the market!
The O Man Arouse is a super-powered vibrating cock ring reinforced with solid metal balls for a strong and secure fit that will keep him hard, strong and ready for anything.
The O Man Incite is a super-powered vibrating cock ring reinforced with solid metal balls and a fitted “baller” attachment for extra intense sensations.
The O Man Spark is a super-powered cock ring with a “baller” attachment and triple swing balls that swing and tap both partners. Featuring a snug fit with special attention paid to his pleasure zones, the O Man Spark will ignite his sex life.
The O Man Challenge is a super-powered vibrating cock ring with a flexible testicle “holster” that targets intense sensations directly to the balls. Dare to experiment with this uniquely powerful cock ring and be prepared for the ultimate Challenge.
The O Man Craze is the most powerful vibrating cock ring in the line with two super-powered vibrating bullet motors for dual-action stimulation. This specialty cock ring features a stretchy erection band with metal ball reinforcement and a stimulating baller attachment – so strap in, start your engines and get ready to rumble.
“We are so excited to finally debut the full O Man line to the adult retail market after months of research and refinement,” The Screaming O representative Conde Aumann said. “We worked directly with a talented team whose special focus is on designing, marketing and selling sex toys for the male market and the result is one of the industry’s first fully branded and merchandised brands made by men for men.”
Each O Man design is available in six-count boxes. Additional marketing support is available upon request.




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