Sensuva introduces ON Libido, sex drive enhancement creams with new natural scents

Sensuva is proud to introduce ON Libido for women and ON Sex Drive for men with new natural fragrances to enhance the user experience. With ON Libido’s delicate lavender scent and ON Sex Drive’s natural citrus scent, each unique formula has been improved and enriched to offer even more noticeably pleasant results.


Popular for its stress-reducing and relaxing properties, lavender was added to ON Libido for women to further support a more sublime sense of self with a pleasant scent. Known to energize the mind and lift the spirits, citrus was chosen to give ON Sex Drive and its testosterone balancing effects a subtle boost.

These subtle scents were selected to complement each topical cream’s effect on the sexual response system while appealing to their target audiences.
 “Since we first debuted ON Libido and ON Sex Drive, we’ve been flooded with excited feedback from men and women around the world, and one common suggestion was to introduce subtle fragrances to each formula,” Sensuva Branding and Marketing Director Lisa Mazurek said. “Topical creams featuring herbal and natural ingredients like ours often have a medicinal scent, so we found two effective aromas that not only offer a pleasant smell, but also offer enjoyable therapeutic sensations.”
 ON Libido is a daily topical cream designed for adult women seeking a natural boost in libido, sexual desire, and inner balance. ON Libido delicately enhances libido through daily application to the skin and increases the user’s desire for sex and intimacy while encouraging a subtle hormonal balance that heightens her sensuality from the inside.
 ON Sex Drive for Him is a topical crème that helps increase and balance a man’s natural testosterone levels, which can dramatically boost his sex drive and libido as testosterone levels typically decrease with age (approximately 1%-2% each year after age 25). Using botanical extracts and bioactive nutrients, ON Sex Drive for Him offers enhancement where many prescriptions fall short and can help replenish decreased testosterone while rebuilding intimacy with his partner.
Both ON Libido and ON Sex Drive are designed for daily application to the skin on an area without hair and are naturally absorbed into the blood stream through unique transdermal technology. Over time, users notice heightened sexual awareness and desire and enjoy more satisfying sex lives.  

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