pjur Cool refreshes your love life

 Refreshing addition for hot love play: pjur has chosen to present pjur Cool as the fifth product of the Sexy Six in its weekly series.


The water-based pjur Cool contains the unique pjur menthol that creates a pleasant, cooling effect almost immediately after being applied. Instead of being too cold, however, it leaves an exhilarating, tingly feeling on the skin. This erotic stimulation adds a new dimension to the user’s sensual experience. Moreover, the impressive effect of the brilliant pjur menthol and the titillating interplay between the heat of passion and the gel’s stimulating coolness prove what many have already been suspecting: Opposites really attract each other! People love Yin and Yang or chocolate with chili. pjur Cool caters to the same desire, and it has already become a favorite among those who enjoy contrasts or love to experiment. The lubricant is flavorless, odorless, extra-long lasting, and compatible with latex condoms.


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